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EaterTastings: Coffee in Silver Lake, Vert Closes, Mexican and Korean Open Everywhere

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This week's top dish from Eater LA, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

[Interior of LA Mill via Eater LA]

1) It's not a coffee shop, folks. It's a coffee boutique. Silver Lake's LA Mill is finally open, and it comes complete with "custom-made French wallpaper, faux crocodile, ostrich and sharkskin chairs in dark teal, sky blue and red, black Lucite tables" and enough coffee geekery to give die-hard fanatics caffeinated palpitations.

2) If there was a restaurant opening this week, chances are it was Mexican. Fred's Mexican Cafe opened in Pasadena, the Anaya brothers opened Pinche Tacos in West Hollywood, Cabo Cantina took over the Bite in Venice, and Frida's Taqueria opened in the Brentwood Country Mart. Margarita, anyone?

3) It's been a while since Norman's closed on the Sunset Strip and we still miss the pig and paella night. Now word comes that Antonio Alessi plans to open Crudo this spring in that space.
4) Wolfgang Puck's Vert in Hollywood and Highland may have quietly closed last month, but at least the former employees have a sense of humor about it. Moving into the space: Nolan Bushnell's uWink.

5) This week may have seen a spate of Mexican restaurant openings but the rest of 2008 is looking a little more Korean: Pasadena gets the Seoul Bros. Korean Grill, In Seoul Café just opened near the Beverly Center and Jian Korean BBQ is taking over the former Em Bistro space nor far from there.