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Curbed's Official Los Angeles Neighborhood Odor Guide

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[Via Flickr user exczech]

Inspired by some site comments, Curbed is launching the Official Neighborhood Odor Guide for Los Angeles to chronicle the smells--good and bad--one encounters in each pocket of the city. Think of it as an olfactory Thomas Guide. But more input is needed. Sure, one may detect notes of urine and jet fuel in Santa Monica, but what else? Also, many, many neighborhoods have no reported smells. We'll take suggestions--and don't forget the good smells, too, people!--and publish next week.

2. Westwood: Pine. Summer camp.

3. Echo Park: Dog. Cat food. Skunk.

4. Venice: Urine, salty air.

5. Santa Monica: Urine, salty air, jet engine fuel.

6. Hollywood: Urine. Wet dog. Chicken. Cake. Semen, because of those trees that smell like semen.

7. Downtown: Urine. Dust. Chemical.

8. Museum Mile: Methane.