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CurbedWire: Downtown Derricks, No TJs for Weho

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DOWNTOWN - There's oil in them thar hills. Or rather, there used to be. A reader points us to a map of downtown LA from over a century ago that lays out the existing oil derricks at the time. He's also made an overlay for Google Earth using the antique map, as well as a kaleidoscopic map of nearly every highway interchange in Los Angeles. [Curbed Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD - Those Trader Joe's rumors for 8000 Sunset seem to be premature. Weho News reports: "The mall itself, now leasing office space to Internet/TV phenomenon TMZ, lost a lease it had signed with Trader Joe’s Grocery stores to fill the space left empty by the departure of Sam Ash Music." So that leaves just Crunch, CPK and Buzz Coffee as tenants. [Weho News]