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Curbed Reader Poll: What Is The House Of Tomorrow Worth Today?

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Folks, the Welton Becket-designed House of Tomorrow is priceless. Literally. From the listing agent: "The property is listed without a price. Qualified buyers are encourage to submit offers. Interest has been strong for this site since it offers: location, parking, and quality design." We asked Chris Nichols, madcap modcom expert and Los Angeles magazine's associate editor if there were ever attempts to landmark the house. His response: "Outside of including it on the 'Built by Becket' tour, the Conservancy has not pursued monument status for the house." Nichols also pointed out the property falls under the City's Park Mile Specific Plan, which means it's practically impossible for a buyer to demolish the house for denser development. So what's the house worth? Just to refresh your memory, the property "features 10,000 sq feet of mid-century modern office bungalows, 17 offices, 3 conference rooms, and a brick central courtyard."