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Empty UCLA Fraternity House Brings Rats, Ugliness

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The Daily Bruin's Afton Coombs checks in with the Zeta Psi frat house at 611 Gayley Ave, uninhabited since 2005. The Zeta Psi brothers live in an apartment complex rather than a house and considered moving back to Gayley Ave, but nixed the idea after a tree fell into the property. If other fraternities rent out their properties, this house is just sitting vacant. And even causing problems for other fraternities (clever ploy, Zeta Psi). Via the paper: "Homeless people often occupy the house, previously starting fires in it, and rats have bothered neighboring fraternities Phi Kappa Psi and Sigma Nu...the council is aware of the problem the old house causes, Interfraternity Vice President of Public Relations John Larson said. 'We’ve been fighting a battle to get it taken care of. ... We’ve had our hands tied,' he said." The brothers at Zeta Psi didn't return calls to the Bruin. [Image via the Bruin]
· Empty frat house a pesty presence for neighbors on Gayley [Daily Bruin]