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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Baja Fresh in Larchmont? Leader Explained

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It's the first Rumblings & Bumblings of the year. Got questions in 2008? Please email us at with your new questions, updates, comments, tips, and general queries.

1.) Larchmont: In response to the shuttered restaurant, there's an answer from Eater LA. "I am pretty sure that empty restaurant was the much loved La Luna Ristorante, which had a bitter battle with landlords to stay but eventually lost. Fears that the village street will become a Third Street Promenade (read: full of chains) is making the natives really, really restless." Another reader wrote this: "The rumors have a BAJA FRESH moving in." Eater LA also drops a rumor about a Panda Inn.

2.) Hollywood: Donald Sterlingintis solved? About that mysterious unrented building with the word Leader on it. Writes a reader with hair knowledge: ""Leader" was Leader Beauty Supply. A beauty supply store, also an old school beauty parlor with those giant head-enveloping hair dryer pods from the 1950's that used to dominate every beauty parlor in the USA. I believe it went in there just after World War 2, and was still serving the old Jewish ladies in the nabe as of the mid 1990's. I think it closed around 1994 or 95. I know this because Huell Howser did a show about the place when it was still open and talked to all the old ladies. Huell sells his old shows on his web site, anyone super interested in seeing that video piece can probably order a tape of it direct from Huell."

3.)/4.) West LA/Downtown: Lacking any definite answers, Curbed will dig up responses to queries about the huge hole on Sawtelle in West LA and the mysterious never-appearing bow sculpture planned for Disney.