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LA Animal Services: Gansevoort Dog OK

Following our posting of video of the Gansevoort Dog, the guard pooch at the 9th and Grand construction lot, an officer from LA Animal Services visited the site yesterday and also this morning. "The dog seems in good health," reports Ed Boks, general manager at LAAS. According to Boks, the dog is being given food and water twice a day, is not tethered (apparently tethering=very bad thing), the lot is clean, and there's shelter available. Also, the dog we befriended in a moment of canine-blogger love isn't the only dog to guard the site; dogs are rotated in and out at 9th and Grand, according to Bok. (Hmm. Anyone else seen another dog down there? If so, ask him if he'd like to be on a blog.)

But moving on! What's going on with the site now that the Gansevoort Hotel has pulled out?
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