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Lunchtime Thinkage: Wait, Walking in LA Sucks

Last week, Curbed reader Myrtle made this interesting comment in one of our linkage posts, which got us thinking about how we feel when we're walking around LA. First off, as another reader noted, we'd like more shade.

"What bothers me about these comments is the fact that everyone thinks walking is just a beautiful, joyous thing to do. I lived in both Hollywood and Downton (before the big Downtown boon) and I ditched my car as soon as I got here, relying on public transportation and walking.

Unless you're walking through The Grove, LA is a crappy city to walk in. Between the poop (both animal and human), dirty diapers, hypodermic needles, sidewalk cracks, tranny hookers, broken glass, bus exhaust, day laborers whistling at you, being attacked by loose dogs, and puddles of god know what, walking daily in LA is truly a live or die situation. I moved from Hollywood to Downtown LA because I figured "if I'm going to be stepping in human crap, I might as well be paying less rent".