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Video Exclusive: Gansevoort Dog Not So Mean

Yesterday's disturbing comments about the Gansevoort Dog, the pooch put in charge of guarding the empty lot/building at 9th and Grand (the site of the ultimately-canceled Gansevoort Hotel), prompted Curbed to go check out--and film--a possibly mean, possibly neglected dog. What we discovered: A German Shepard wearing a ridiculous-looking studded leather harness. Did he look lonely? Yup. Did we want to cry? Yup. Is he mean? While we did see him bark at one guy who walked by, when Dakota went up and said hello to the pooch, there was nothing but tail-wagging love. Not that we are advising anyone to hop the fence! Two videos after the jump...
· Even Dogs Pitching in Downtown

Downtown Dog: An Introduction from curbedla and Vimeo.

FYI about the video below: There's a reason you don't hear bloggers speak--Dakota was so nervous the dog was going to jump over the fence and rip out her throat so she kept talking....

Downtown Dog: Curbed Makes a New Friend from curbedla and Vimeo.