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Preservationist's Payday: $5M To Catalogue Historic Architecture

[Robert Peate shooting the day before The Ambassador was gone, January 15, 2006. Photo by Barbara Palmer.]

The Getty opens its purse strings again. This time, the Getty Conservation Institute has pledged $2.5 million to match the funding the Office of Historic Resources has received for a five year program to survey historic architecture in LA. The ultimate goal: preservation for significant residential, commercial and institutional structures. The Getty published a study earlier this decade that found only 15% of LA's architecture had been surveyed, leaving too many architecturally significant buildings susceptible to the preservationists' bete noir - the big, bad, evil developers. Hopefully, this means the LA Conservancy and other groups won't be tilting at windmills last minute in their preservation battles.
· New survey aims to protect architecture in Los Angeles from the wrecking ball [The Art Newspaper]