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Venice Unchained? Hardly (with an Orange Creme Frappuccino)

This can't be good. A reader writes in with a first hand account of a recent Venice Neighborhood Council meeting where news broke that another big chain is ready to rock Abbot Kinney, Pinkberry-style.

Recently attended the grass roots neighborhood council meeting on Weds where the latest Starbucks news was that it was DEFINITELY slated to open on the northeast corner of Abbot Kinney and Venice Blvd despite recent denials. No reaction yet from the Venice Unchained web site. We imagine they're preparing the molotov cocktails. UPDATE, 4:53 PM: Venice Unchained responds to our email; they're not sure what's the deal, but say there are "rumors that when Samy's camera moves out Starbucks will move in." FYI: Samy's is at 585 Venice Blvd.
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