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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Bates Mystery Continues

All the answers to all your problematic questions in one place. Remember, if you have an answer to a question posted, you are obliged to write in or else you're a communist. Please feel free to email us at for next week or to update a past question.

1) Silver Lake: So what will happen to the Bates? Dana Hollister's vision of a boutique hotel still seems up in the air and the big For lease signs don't clarify anything. Commenter JC shouts: "BATES HOTEL IS GOING TO BE CONDOS AND RETAIL UNDERNEATH, JUST FOUND OUT." We can't confirm that, but we are definitely looking into it and will hopefully have more next week.

2) Everywhere but LA: Commenter Don provides sweet linkage and a rundown of Rent Controlled towns in our area. And FYI, Venice is part of LA. "Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood have rent control, but Glendale, Burbank, Torrance, Pasadena, Downey, and other cities nearby have nothing like it. "

3) Santa Monica: Nobody knows about a Pinkberry at 4th and Santa Monica, however we have visual evidence from November last year that it was indeed planned. Now it's a dog food store or something. Via the comments, two Pinkberry stores in Santa Monica shall quench your tangy dessert needs - one at 17th and Montana and another on the Promenade next to the SM Place Mall.