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Buy Loft, Get Free Houseboy

With a rather liberal definition of boy, Metro-Luxe Development offers an 18th-century solution (indentured servitude) to a 21st-century dilemma (housing slump). "The gorgeous young man goes by the name Jake Ryan. He's 28 years old, extremely fit and trim, with a great tan, a winning smile, and a can-do attitude. Duties will include ... just about anything else the buyer needs to relieve some of the stress involved with purchasing and moving into a new home." Jake will "relieve" the proud new owner of this $999,000, 3-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom loft at 1818 Kemper St. (Glassell Park? no, Cypress Park) for one month after closing. And sorry, ladies, Metro-Luxe "built this house for a successful gay man."
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