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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Crunch Construction

We have answers and commentary provided in response to your questions from Tuesday. Thank you to those of you participating. Please email us at if you have a question for next week or an update to a previous question. Thank you.

1) Hollywood: Via the comments, Amanda answers what happened at the ArcLight last weekend: "The fire alarm malfunctioned and they couldn't turn it off. They lost an estimated $10,000 in revenue that night from the people they had to turn away and/or issue refunds to."

2) Little Tokyo/Boyle Heights: So yeah, the Gold Line underground stations are being constructed. All we could get via the comments was a rendering from Scott Mercer. However, we may have actual digital photos of the Gold Line underground very soon. Stay tuned.

3) Hollywood: Curbed editor Marissa informs us that she frequents the Crunch at 8000 Sunset checking out all the cute guys who are mysteriously single. She provided the picture above and will snap some photos of the on-site renderings later. Commenter Doug says: "Trader Joe's is going in under Crunch. They are modifying the space that Sam Ash was in--expanding slightly. The parking situation promises to be a disaster. The machines are already installed and take FOREVER to process your ticket. Crunchers are gonna be mad when TJs opens."

That is all for this week. We need questions for next week, please.