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Reader Argues: Don't Make Pico One Way

Snipping this from the Washington Blvd thread because it's interesting; reader Mocassin argues: "We've worked very hard as a community on revitalizing Pico through the Mid-City area. We are only now beginning to reap the rewards by having new landscape medians, new cafes/store-front theater popping up, and it's beginning to have an inviting pedestrian atmosphere between La Brea & Fairfax. A one-way Pico will destroy that character with 40-50-even-60 MPH Westsiders (and let's get real--this is the only constituents this will benefit) speeding through the area. Besides...traffic is still manageable in Mid City/KTown/Arlington. We don't suffer the gridlock of the Westside. We have no reason to allow our neighborhoods to be desecrated at the expense of Westsiders who won't get out their cars."
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