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Storefronting: Bye Bokaos, Hello Zara

DOWNTOWN - The 7-11 going into the Mandel at Olive and 7th moves sloooowly along. Blogdowntown reports the signage is up, but the ABC application is now close to a year old, and still pending. Doesn't seem like there's much of a hurry to provide brain-freezing Slurpees to downtown denizens just yet. [blogdowntown]

PASADENA - We're not the only ones getting great goss from our hairdressers. Another FOC'er (friend o'Curbed) relayed a recent conversation she had with hers which resulted in some retail gossip. The Aveda salon Bokaos on Colorado Blvd is shutting down, as is the French Connection next door, to make room for a new Zara. She mourns the loss of her salon: "Bokaos is a really cool space, definitely the last bastion of independently owned anything on that block. It was like an alley, they put a roof over it. so this brick wall inside still had an old ad painted on it." Bu-bye Bokaos.