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Proposed Campo de Cahuenga Project Creates Traffic, Blocks Sun

Old song, new tune. How does that go? The Life & Times show on KCET recently featured a story on the proposed development of the Campo de Cahuenga site, atop the Red Line station across from Universal. We were hoping to find the story online, but given that it preceded a story on the Mexican Mafia, we imagine that the episode was found mysteriously riddled with bullet holes in a parking lot somewhere in Van Nuys. Just kidding. Seriously. However, we did find the web site for the "Universal/MTA Project Community Working Group" which sounds like a positive thing, until we realized it's a NIMBY group masquerading as a positive thing. But they do provide some interesting details: Office towers (up to 24 stories tall); 34 story (445 feet tall) condominium & hotel tower ; more than 4500 parking stalls; and thousands of additional vehicles driving through your neighborhood each day. Fantastic. Sign us up. We'll keep looking for renderings.
· Metro Universal Project EIR [Chris Joseph & Associates]
· Universal / MTA Project Community Working Group [Home Page]