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AMPAS Museum Madness, Part II; No Imminent Eminent Domain

In a follow-up to our last post about the newly proposed Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences museum in Hollywood, we get some additional details from the Oscar people themselves. Yes, the flexible yogis of Golden Bridge are occupying the spot the museum wants, however they are in negotiations at the moment and the option of eminent domain "has not been discussed." They also have no plans to relocate to another city if the negotiations fall through. At present, the project doesn't have an architect so renderings are a ways off.

· The museum plans call for an eight acre campus. · The museum will not solely focus on the Academy. Exhibits may include the history of motion pictures and international cinema.

· Parking design and plans have not been decided upon; they may build parking on-site, acquire a nearby parking lot, or work out an agreement with other parking lots/structures (including the ArcLight).

· The museum will feature both static and dynamic exhibits.

Those are the facts we were presented with. We'll ponder these until the next update arrives in our inbox.
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