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"On Fire" Sunset Billboard Confusing Drivers

From the Curbed Inbox, a plea from a distressed driver. And we saw that BBQ billboard (for the CW's "The Reaper") last weekend and agree--smokey! That third arrow points to a hidden, but yes, third smoking head.

"Please will someone get rid of that awful billboard at the corner of Sunset and La's been up for about a month I would say but since last weekend this ugly monstrosity has started billowing smoke out of each of the characters' heads. This smoke is everywhere and it looks like you are driving through a dust storm. Some days the smoke is blowing up into the hills, some days it's blowing down on to Sunset. When I first saw the smoke I swore I thought the hillside was on fire or god forbid, Sunset Tan. Please, please, please someone take down this awful billboard."