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We Just Can't Let The 101 House Go

The 101 House is starting to become an urban myth, like the Vanishing Hitchhiker, or Reggie. While we hoped the 101 House would be moving to the country, where he'd have room to run around and chase squirrels, alas, that does not seem to be the case. We've been receiving reports of sightings from readers - including one from last night before the house was moved but after we closed our laptops, and another from this morning. How much torture can this one house endure at the hands of hipsters, vandals and Caltrans?

Email #1 from last night: So the 101 House drama was continuing today, I figured you guys would pick up on it but you obviously screwed the pooch on this one. Anyways, I was driving south through the Cahuenga Pass around 11 today and traffic was stalled pretty far back... As we approached the house, i realized that everyone was staring at the house... A group of guys had jumped onto the roof from the neighboring road and were pulling off tiles while joking around with guys watching from the road. They appeared to just be having fun and fooling around, cause they wore the costume of local 30-something hipsters and weren't actually do anything productive. Anyways, though you'd like to know what our city's coming to.

And email #2 from this morning: 101 House Part II: Attack of the Valley. Around 10am this morning driving southbound 101 just before Balboa Ave, a large house/trailer type structure (there were curtains in the windows) was sitting just off the shoulder. While the structure was on a hauling trailer, no actual hauling truck was attached to it. There was one pick-up truck behind the structure that didn't appear to be a city truck. There were cones all around and typical traffic slowing on both sides. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera with me. It's been fun following the 101 house saga so I thought I'd pass this new info along.