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101 House May Be Moved Sometime Soon

As reported on Fox11 this morning (as we lay in our underwear sipping pod coffee), CalTrans may act today and finally move the 101 house. Last night, a contingent of official-looking people were spotted surrounding the house. The plan was to move the house overnight but that never happened, so today may be the day. The LA Times also has a story on the home in which we give our sexiest quote yet.

"By Tuesday, people started tagging it up and there was graffiti all over it," Williams said. "Then probably by Thursday or Friday, somebody put a 'For Rent' sign on it, and now they have Caltrans trucks out there and more cones. It's just taking on a life of its own." The Times story goes on to report that Caltrans has taken jurisdiction over the house and can move it at anytime, sending the moving bill to the home's owner. They also have an amazing picture from inside the home (fully furnished), provided after the jump.

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