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CurbedWire: Ladytron Luvs Metro

HOLLYWOOD - A reader informs us about a sweet tie-in that makes going to H&H almost passable. Via email: "In case you guys haven't heard, there's a free Ladytron show at Hollywood + Highland on Thursday. The only catch is that you must dig up your metro or bus pass [metro ticket must be purchased day of show, 9/27] in order to gain admission. I think it's a neat idea to try and expose Angelenos to transit options in the city." [CurbedWire Inbox]

LARCHMONT - More details on the adorable couch lizards. "i always see those cute couched lizards at the coffee bean on larchmont on sundays, after the farmers market. the owner sometimes shows them off at the edge of the farmers market too, in front of the avocado grill, but he's almost always at the coffee bean later. they all pose on different pieces of mini furniture, like a rattan chair and the chaise seen in your pic." [CurbedWire Inbox]

DOWNTOWN - Santee Village isn't exactly getting catered by Ketchup, but they are having a Farmers Market. Via a reader: "Just got an e-mail from Santee Village, thanking me for coming to the Grand Opening they had this past weekend. They apparently sold 6 lofts during the 4 hour event. Also, there is this piece of news, Santee Village is going to have a weekly farmers market starting on October 3rd." Maybe the couch lizards will show up there, too. [CurbedWire Inbox]