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Rumblings & Bumblings: Eastside Subway and Crunch

These questions were submitted by actual readers with a compelling need to know. Please email us at or leave a comment if you have an answer or another question.

[image via of 8000 Sunset]

1) Hollywood: We're going to head this bomb-joke off and just say it had nothing to do with a showing of Good Luck Chuck. "I went to the Arclight on Saturday night and 20 minutes into the movie an alarm went off and they had to evacuate the whole building for the rest of the evening. They never gave us a straight answer as to what was going on. Does anyone know what happened?"

2) Little Tokyo/Boyle Heights: Can somebody climb in to the tunnel and take pictures. Just kidding. That's illegal and dangerous. "I read that the Gold Line Eastside extension is over 60% done. Does that mean they built the two subway stations that are part of it? Can we see a preview? "

3) Hollywood: This is all new to us. Crunch, Trader Joe's, Pinkberry, Virgin?? "I have a question, about the 8000 Sunset complex. I drove by this morning and noticed that there seems to be some construction work going on in the courtyard where that guitar store is (or used to be). It sort of looks like that balcony area in front of Crunch is being expanded. Does this have anything to do with the new Trader Joe's or Pinkberry that is supposed to be going into the complex? I thought TJ's was taking over the Virgin space."

Thank you and answers appreciated for Thursday.