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What's Up With That: Venice Blvd. Gates

Another "What's Up" question, in which we answer your queries about the puzzling LA landscape. This time, a reader want to know why he can't turn off Venice Blvd; he even sent in a picture! Arrows are ours, though.

Dear Curbed: What's up with those zoo-like gates off Venice Boulevard in the mid-city region? All the side streets are gated. Why?

We'll find the most accurate answer and post by the end of the day. If you have a What's Up question, please email us.
UPDATE, 10:10 PM: This is Lafayette Square, note many readers. The gates were installed to stop commuter-traffic, notes this LA Times story. "The only way into the neighborhood by car is St. Charles Place, a welcoming broad street with a landscaped center strip."
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