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More AMPAS Museum Madness: Yoga Holdouts! ArcLight Parking!

From the depths of our inbox comes additional info on the proposed AMPAS Museum, mentioned in last week's Rumblings & Bumblings. It's kind of juicy, and we're glad to see those bastards at the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) are involved. And now.... the rest of the story:

"The last holdout on the Academy museum in Hollywood is Golden Bridge, the trendy yoga studio/cafe who has a long term lease on their extensively renovated building. Since they refused to sell, the Academy is strong arming the city to eminent domain the earthy crunchy folks in white or they'll move the ersatz museum (and its tax revenues) to Beverly Hills or West Hollywood. The academy is also trying to horn in on the parking at the Arclight by convincing the CRA, (owner of the structure) to guarantee access to hundreds of spaces, going so far as to propose an elevated foot bridge connecting the two projects. So much for caring about the best movie theater in town or the locals who actually buy tickets. Too bad they might make the yogis move, as there is as of yet no internal agreement on what the pseudo museum will display or how it will be thematically displayed. By award category? By year? Several concepts have been discarded and everyone is afraid it will end up being as ghastly as the Autry."

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