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Burger King Makes Way for the Jefferson; Linoleum City Moving

Over the weekend, we noticed a couple of Hollywood projects that appear to be taking the next step. First, the Jefferson at Hollywood mixed-use development, proposed to occupy the ugly parking lot/ Burger King space across from Hollywood & Highland, has finally waited out the whopper factory's lease. The BK signage is now gone and the restaurant closed (see picture, left).

We also noticed that the strip mall on Santa Monica and Wilton, home to Linoleum City, has been largely vacated and much of the signage torn down. The Paseo Plaza project, with 437 dwelling units and 377,900 square feet of commercial space, is proposed to occupy that underutilized space. We spoke with the Linoleum City people who told us they will be leaving their current home in November and be relocated to 4849 Santa Monica, just down the road. Next up: Demolition Watch.
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