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One Santa Fe: Developer Weighs In

Following our post about One Santa Fe, the proposed rental development in the arts district that has some local artists up in arms, Chuck Cowley, senior vice president at developer MacGregor Co.--and One Santa Fe's lead partner--just sent out an email to area residents regarding the project. He forwarded the email to us, and says sending it out was prompted not only by our blog posting, but also by some other unhappy chatter he'd been hearing. His email after the jump. (Image of a vertical garden; one is planned for One Santa Fe)

From: Chuck Cowley
Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2007 1:44 PM
Subject: One Santa Fe

Dear Concerned Neighbor:

I am writing to you to offer information about ONE SANTA FE, a new mixed used retail and residential project that many of you have been hearing about from a small group of neighbors who are opposed to the project. We are concerned because there appears to be some misunderstanding and misinformation about the project.

Let me clarify that we have met with many neighbors, as well as community, business and neighborhood groups throughout the Arts District, and ONE SANTA FE was shaped by all of the feedback we received.

We heard that residents wanted new, neighborhood-serving retail, which ONE SANTA FE includes.

We heard that new residential opportunities that were not condominium ownership were needed, and ONE SANTA FE is not only an attractive residential rental complex, but it is also geared toward both MTA employees and SCI-Arc students.

Another thing we heard -- that more student, artist and creative professional live/work space was needed. ONE SANTA FE provides not only student housing opportunities, but also new live/work spaces for creative professionals.

After the first city hearing we heard concerns regarding the ground floor of the project north of 3rd Street. As a result, we changed the ground floor from parking to commercial live-work space and added vertical gardens in this area. (Attached is an image of what a vertical garden looks like.)

Finally, ONE SANTA FE also was designed to complement the character of the neighborhood, and to integrate with SCI-Arc's campus.

ONE SANTA FE will beautify the area, adding attractive streetscape elements, greatly needed public open space and a pocket park. And, it has been carefully designed to ensure that it does not overwhelm the neighborhood by incorporating pass through walkways that create view corridors and also preserve neighborhood access to future L.A. River recreation opportunities while at the same providing community serving retail stores and shops.

As many of you know, ONE SANTA FE will soon undergo review for approval by the City of Los Angeles. I am attaching a copy of a Fact Sheet with additional information. Won't you take a moment to review this material and make an informed decision about ONE SANTA FE? Frankly, we'd like to have your support. But at least we'd like you to be fully informed. If you have further questions, please feel free to call our Information Line at 213-228-0723.

Chuck Cowley, ONE SANTA FE