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Atwater Village Offers New Mural to Graffiti Gods

If suicidal singer-songwriters get no respect from the Krylon Generation, maybe 70-year-old corner grocers will. From the Curbed LA inbox:

There's a little mom and pop grocery store on the corner of Atwater and Silverlake Blvd.... Someone is painting the most incredible mural on the sides of the building. Definitely worth checking out. I drive by it everyday on my way to work and can't believe the artistry. It is definitely going to beautify the neighborhood. This weekend we checked out Vince's Market (est. 1939) and the mural is coming along nicely, at least 60% done. Here's hoping $2.50 carnitas sandwiches scare away more bandana bandits than Oscar-nominated songs from Good Will Hunting.

Vince's Market 2
Muralist Rafael Escamilla's work in progress
Vince's Market 8
Outlines show where fish will hang over condensed milk
Vince's Market 11
Around the corner, a bit more work to do
Vince's Market 4
Don't worry, neighbors, it won't look like this forever
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