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Open for Business: Downtown's O Hotel

More interesting places to stay and drink downtown, besides The Standard, whose cover charge is far too pricey: the Downtown News checks in with the recently opened Orchid Hotel at 819 S. Flower St., a 68-room hotel that's looking to fill the boutique hotel niche. A romp on one of their queen-sized beds will cost you $150 to $200 a night. According to the paper, the hotel joins a "dozen other former low-income hotels that have recently converted or are in the process of doing so. Among them is the 600-room Cecil Hotel near Sixth and Main streets, which is getting a $7 million facelift over the next few years, though its room rates will be lower than the Orchid." Also: Prepared food a hit at Ralphs! Management "surprised" by incredible success of the deli at the new downtown Ralphs; says: deli is "by far the busiest in our chain."
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