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Artists Organizing Against One Santa Fe

This flyer, decrying the One Santa Fe project, a proposed 429-unit rental building on Santa Fe Avenue, was spotted in the arts district this weekend. Why so mad? "The main thrust of the opposition is that it’s too big for our community," Drew Lesso, a 30-plus-year resident of the arts district tells Curbed. Lesso heads up the 15-member group opposed to the plan; they're collecting signatures on a petition that'll be presented to the next Planning Commission's meeting at City Hall on October 11. Among the group's concerns: Increased shade caused by the building's 70-foot height, none of the units are designated as "artists residences," and the highway is being rededicated, so the neighborhood will lose about 15 feet of Santa Fe Ave. Chiefly, Lesso's group would like to see the number of units halved, and a park built on the remaining land. We asked developer MacGregor Co. for a response; rendering of One Santa Fe after the jump.
UPDATE, 12:37 PM: A spokesman for MacGregor said they're putting together a statement in response to the concerns voiced by Lesso's group; we'll post it as soon as we get it.

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