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Buck Rogers High School Already Out of This World

[First, the original rendering in all its night-lit glory, courtesy of Europa Consorsi.]

Just last week the discussion at Curbed LA headquarters turned to the Buck Rogers High School, (aka Central Los Angeles Area High School #9) and how one of us ought to get over there and take a couple of pics because that thing was going up fast. And it looks good! Sorry suckers at Vista Hermosa! Your Oregon Duck yellow and green color scheme can't hold a candle The School of The Future, design-wise. But you can probably kick their pansy asses (it's a high school for the performing arts) in intramural sports. Fortunately, we don't even need to wipe the Cheetos dust from our grubby hands to grab the camera, because Angelenic beat us to it, so we steal some of their shots to show you the construction progress on the Coop Himmelb(l)au-designed school in just 9 short months - progress is 58% completed.

[Images by flickr user fridayinla and Angelenic]

The construction site in December 2006, courtesy of fridayinla.