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Hermosa Sex Shop Expansion Plans Hindered

More fallout from Larry Craig perhaps? Hermosa Beach sex shop the Tender Box (yeah, we love the name too), has been denied a zoning variance to triple the number of arcade booths installed. Oops, they already installed the 14 extra booths last summer! And these come with a special feature:

The commission's decision Tuesday came in tandem with a discovery last week that somebody had bored holes through the walls of the Tender Box's new arcade booths, which have locked doors that allow patrons to privately watch pornographic videos.This isn't the first Hermosa sex shop to face the wrath of the Planning Commission. Recently, a proposed upscale adult shop called the Condom Revolution (Viva la revolution!) was denied a conditional-use permit and scrapped plans to open there. For now, the Tender Box remains, um, open and the holes are, err, filled.
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