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Lizards on Tiny Couches Fascinate, Amaze LA Coffee Shop

[image of lizard on couch via Curbed Flickr pool member ManMadePants]

Let there be no doubt that we here at Curbed are jonesing for news, any news on our reptilian friends. Reggie's lock up has left us cold and dead inside. That's why we couldn't tear our eyes away from this pic by Curbed Flickr pool member manmadepants. Via the description:

I swear on my life this is 100% real. I was walking down the street looking for stuff to photograph and this guy is just sitting outside a coffee shop with this 80 year old woman and he is taking these little sofa things out of a bag. Then he opens another compartment in the bag and there are about five lizards like this guy. Then he would pose them and they would just sit there like this. Don't really know why. He didn't really explain much but he did say they take about three months to train them to do this. I didn't bother asking if he only trained his lizards to sit in relaxing human posses or if there were other ones too. The whole thing was just to oddly perfect, I really didn't need him to go in to detail.

Mr. Pants, we must know at which coffee shop and neighborhood the tiny couch sitting lizards are appearing in. Thank you.
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