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Storefronting: More Coffee, More Fiber, More Foley + Corinna

[Image of soon-to-open Coffee Bean courtesy of Blackburn & Sweetzer]

BEVERLYGROVE - Blackburn & Sweetzer reports West 3rd Street is getting a few new retail tenants. The now-shuttered Chinese Festival on 3rd and Sweetzer is reportedly going to be an organic Mediterranean cafe. Entrees to run around $10-$15. Further east on 3rd on the northeast corner of Crescent Heights, shoppers will be able to refuel at a new Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Lots of coffee and fiber for shoppers. Also purportedly sniffing around that stretch of Los Angeles: Chanel and NY-based boutique Scoop. [Blackburn & Sweetzer/]

LOS ANGELES - Oh goody. Another New York retail import. Foley + Corinna is expanding westward, but no word yet on exactly where it'll be opening. If we had to venture a guess, we're going to go with Robertson. [Craigslist]

SANTA MONICA - Sure, Amanda Bynes' new clothing line for Steve and Barry may inspire irrational rage and abject horror over at Gofugyourself, but for those of you who like your $20 duds to look like they cost 5 bucks, Steve and Barry opens tomorrow at 103 Santa Monica Place. [Blackburn & Sweetzer]