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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: AMPAS Updated

Swell. We answered all your questions and even did research to do so. Please email us with your comments, updates, or new questions for next week. SERIOUSLY, digital pictures in our inbox are really appreciated. Email us at

[19401 Parthenia project in Northridge; rendering via CBRE]

1) Hollywood: The empty lot between Romaine and Lemon Grove on Western went through a zone change in 2005 to the RAS3 mixed-use zone and has had several different plans for development since then. The project originally proposed for 920 Western Ave featured 63 apartment units and 15,000 sf of retail. As of last August, the project was revised to 36 condos and 4 commercial condos. We have no idea as to why they haven't begun moving dirt yet.

2) West LA: Hop Li on Pico, you ask? Remind us never to eat there. Via Malina in the comments: "Hop Li has been closed (twice!) by the LA County Health Dept. for code violations...namely "vermin infestation and harborage".

3) Burbank: Que pasa with Que's in Burbank? Interestingly enough, nothing. Absolutely nothing is going into the Que's spot. Via our email an expert says: "There is no application for a project at the site, nor is there an application for a business permit."

4) Northridge: We had one tepid guess re the new project on Parthenia between Corbin and Tampa, but it was wrong. So we tracked it down. The project at 19401 Parthenia will feature 387 apartment units and 15,500 sf of retail. Four levels over two levels of subterranean parking.

5) Hollywood: Here's the full response from a reader who knows stuff re the AMPAS museum. "In response to your question about the AMPAS Motion Picture Museum on Vine - the development is solidly moving forward. The Academy, which has a campus adjacent campus (corner of Fountain & Vine) has purchased or obtained the rights to purchase 7/8 properties constituting 16 acres. The city has expressed its support and would consider eminent domain to assist AMPAS in acquiring the final piece.

On the design front, architects have been retained and several competing groups are working on site concepts. Keep in mind, for a project of this scale and the fact that much of it would be underground similar to the Page Museum in Hancock Park, or the Getty in Brentwood, the preliminary design phase can take 9-15 months.

AMPAS will be much more public about its plans once they have been successful in acquiring the final piece of property."

6) South LA/West Adams: Someone wanted to know what's the deal with the long-vacant lot at the southwest corner of 24th and Vermont? No responses in the comments but an emailer sends a short email: "The Owner died." Well now, aren't we glad we asked.

More questions for next week please.