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Abbot Kinney: Does Reefer Madness Mean More Chain Stores?

A loyal reader informs us that Abbot Kinney may soon have yet another chain store. Sorta. Although we have a feeling this may not offend the delicate sensibilities of Venice residents as much as the blight of Pinkberry:

I was lunching on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice today only to find another chain store going in @ 1509A Abbot Kinney. It's 'The Farmacy,' which apparently sells organic medicines and is a medical cannabis dispensary, and has three other locations (WeHo, Santa Monica, Westwood).. I didn't notice the signage this weekend when I walked by, so they must have put it up earlier this week. [ED: Now we're informed the sign has actually been up for a while.] While it may not be a "chain" per se, it is still what I like to call a MLRE (multi-location retail establishment), but the locals may go for it since it only has a few other locations and it's hawking organic goods and some weed. Oh, and there was some activity going on at the old Samy's Camera around the corner where the Starbucks was rumored be going in, so I'll keep my eyes peeled.

Good work, reader. We'll get our prescriptions ready.