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Mortgage Market: Scarier than Terrorists!

More mortgage news meant to help you decipher the latest data and the heated map seen below: As a nation, foreclosures jumped 36 percent month-over-month in August, reports CNN, whose bolded banner Terror Watch 2007 has (thankfully, really) been eclipsed by their Mortgage Meltdown 2007 banner. And largely due to the size of our state, California led the nation in the actual number of foreclosures: 57,975 households were in some stage of default during August. And there's this too: "California placed six cities among the top 10 metro areas for the number of filings. Modesto led the way with one of every 79 households. Stockton, Merced, Vallejo-Fairfield, Riverside-San Bernardino and Sacramento also hit the top 10." Here's CNN's whole archive of Mortgage Meltdown fear-mongering scariness.
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