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Construction Watch: Universal Lofts

Ok, so now that you've seen it, you're ready to live in the house on the 101 freeway, but sadly you can't afford the upkeep. Thankfully, Universal Lofts will be opening sometime soon (2008-ish) in that strip of smog choked land between the 101 and Cahuenga Boulevard. We drove down Cahuenga to take a gander at the Lofts, currently under construction, and practically sitting on the shoulder of the 101. The project is described as 67 three-story, townhomes with "thick concrete block walls to eliminate crossover noise." The project architect is listed as Nadel Architects. Sadly, we could find no amazing renderings of the pre-sooty lofts online.

[site plan by Nadel Architects]

[view from the Cahuenga side]

[view from the 101 side]