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What's Up With That: House on the Highway

A good "What's Up" question! "Sometime late Friday or early Saturday a house appeared on the side of the 101 Freeway in the Cahuenga Pass. It's actually on the freeway. Since Sunday, the house has been tagged up (see the attached picture) and somebody helpfully put orange cones around the house to make sure nobody crashes in to it. This is one of the crazier things I've seen left roadside. Anybody know the story behind this?

We know this answer, dear reader. News reports tell us that on Saturday morning, this house was being moved to Santa Clarita, but the movers didn't have a permit to be on this section off the 101, so when they reached the Hollywood Boulevard overpass, the house got stuck.

UPDATE, Thursday, 10:24 AM: Crissakes, we're in Day Five now. Update here.
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