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Rumblings & Bumblings: No. 149 In A Series

You know the rules. We post your questions, your neighbors in the know answer in the comments or by email, and then we post the responses on Thursday. So please email us with your comments, answers, or new questions for next week. And digital pictures in our inbox are always hot. Email us now at We said NOW.

1) Hollywood: "what is happening to the empty lot on western ave between lemon grove and romaine? the spanish style bungalows were torn down over a year ago and now.... nothing."

2) West LA: Is this a restaurant question? We may need Eater help. "What happened to Hop Li on Pico/Veteran?? It's been closed since at least Labor Day."

3) Burbank: More Eater help needed, please. "What's going on with the Que's River Bottom Cafe... you know the dumpy building across from Warner Brothers? The number one venue for valley garage bands has moved out and the building is now boarded up. Rumor is a pizza joint is going in... I think a coffee bean should go in for all those blended mocha needs of the ER writers."

4) Northridge: Ewww... a Valley question. Kill it! "I know most people hate the valley, but can you help me find out whats going to be built on Parthenia between Corbin and Tampa? A whole crappy shopping center is being torn down."

5) Hollywood: Is this still in the early stages or in post-mortem? "Wasn't the Academy trying to build a (real) Hollywood museum on Vine, near Fountain? A KFC was supposed to get the heave-ho (tears) to make room. Did it fall apart like these things tend to?"

6) South LA: A vacant lot question. Excellent "what's the deal with the long-vacant lot at the southwest corner of 24th and Vermont? I drive by it nearly every day on my way home from 'SC and it's starting to look pretty crappy. It'd be useful even as a parking lot for the pedestrian-oriented businesses nearby, so the fact that it's sat there for at least two years is a little annoying."

Please answer these quality questions by Thursday.