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Construction Watch: Northwest Gateway

Hugest. Thing. Ever. Yes, we realize there's a bridge blocking the view like some sort of censor bar, but a little distance is needed to capture all the wood that is Northwest Gateway, a sprawling development on Second Street and Glendale Boulevard, right on the edge of downtown. According to this possibly dated Downtown News story, the development will offer 276 studio, one- and two-bedroom rental apartments between 527 and 1,820 square feet. All that space seems to be for amenities: there's a fancy "computer lab, pool, spa, dog park, fitness center and two levels of underground parking," according to the story, while the property, which is being targeted at mixed-income renters, also boasts the Belmont Tunnel, which runs beneath Bunker Hill. And the News says the thing should be finished by early next year. Pretty little rendering after the jump.

· Coming of the Cranes [Downtown News]