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What's Up With That: Water Stores

For our next "What's Up With That" question, a category in which readers send us queries about the often confusing LA landscape, someone wants to know about those ubiquitous mini-mall water stores.

"Dear Curbed: I read through the comments of the last What's Up. SO, yes, what's a water store? And why do I feel like if I was thirsty, I still wouldn't want to buy water there? And if they're selling bulk water, can't people just order that stuff online or are these stores selling their water cheaper?"

We'll get an answer by the end of day.

UPDATE, 8:08 PM: Reader #1, Tim K., squeezed in first, but reader #6 provided the most comprehensive answer: "They sell bottled water but mostly you come and fill up large containers with their reverse-osmosis filtered water. While this isn't really necessary they market to (prey upon depending on your point of view) recent immigrants who were used to buying filtered water at home because their tap water was polluted. Our tap water may not taste good but it is perfectly fine health wise for drinking and cooking." Another reader pointed out that immigrants also run these stores.

Anyhoo, if you have a question about some Los Angeles oddity, email us with your What's Up question.
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