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Curbed LA PriceSpotter Big Reveal

Thank you to those of you participating in this week's game. We gave you a property that sold, and you tried to give us what you thought it sold for. Now, the answer to last Friday's South of the 10...

SALE Price: $767,000
Listing: Sold on May 11, 2007, this home located in the square bordered by Jefferson, Adams, Western and Normandie is "Centrally Located in Historic West Adams," according to the realtor's web site. Several of you noted that the area in question may have murder and robbery problems, while several others noted the over reaction of scared white Westsiders. Let's agree to disagree and find a happy median.

Congrats to guesser Not Really for coming within $7k of the actual sale price. Not Really lambastes the gays and "artistists" for not moving into the neighborhood and making it more hip. This week, most of you guessed within $150,000 of the actual sale price which is real progress after last week's disaster.
· 2776 La Salle Ave, Los Angeles 90018 []