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CurbedWire: Preservation Edition

[Image by flickr user remahlias]

HOLLYWOOD - We're still not jumping on the Save the Bukowski Bungalow Bandwagon, but apparently a couple of other Bukowski fans are, including a 26-year-old temp spearheading the preservation efforts. And we're already surprised by how far Lauren Everett has come, including coverage in and an upcoming hearing with LA's Cultural Heritage Commission to see if the property at 5124 De Longpre Avenue is worthy of landmark status. Next up for the Bukowski boosters - trying to enlist the help of celebrities like Johnny Depp, who is currently "working on an animated film about the author." Dude, that's trippy. []

BRENTWOOD - Also up for potential historic-cultural monument status is Dutton's Brentwood Books. Plans for condos have already been scrapped, but further retail development would require a public process if the City Council committee grants monument status to the building. The Los Angeles Conservancy, the Cultural Heritage Commission, the city planning department's Office of Historic Resources and Councilman Bill Rosendahl are all backing the preservation effort and the hearing is set for tomorrow. [LA Times]