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NoHo's Neutra Apartments Battle Small-Town Rival for 'Timmy'

[NoHo's Poster Neutra vs. NC's big old brick building]

North Hollywood takes on North Carolina. Modern minimalism meets railway renovation. It's a cross-country, cross-century smackdown for the National Housing & Rehabilitation awards. In the west corner, Richard Neutra's 1958 studio apartments, Poster Neutra, on Radford Avenue in NoHo. And in the east corner, a 122-year-old train complex cut into 24 units, in Weldon, NC (population 1,374). Both are NH&RA Timmy Award nominees in small affordable-housing developments (up to $5 million). Even among "affordables," NH must kill NC on rent. Neutra studios start at $1,000/month, but who knows how little people pay to live next to cotton fields. Winner announced October 29.
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