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Rats! Invasion of the Southland

Today's OC Register features a story on the rat problem plaguing Angel Stadium, including "118 vermin violations... in stadium food venues since 2005." However, the adorable disease carriers aren't just after our stadium food, they're also going for our cheap Swedish made home furnishings.

Don't be alarmed, but a Curbed reader has spotted a giant rat at the IKEA in Burbank. Via our email inbox: "For the first time in 6 years, yesterday, my husband and I were able to shop in IKEA without a squealing child. (Thank God for School)...anyway, while shopping for lamps, my husband and I and several other people saw a fat, grey rat. Said Rat was running from the display of red lacquered lamps, perfect for a Russian mobster car wash owner, to the display of skinny metal bedroom shades perfect for relationship troubled D Girls.

When I told the IKEA Team member (yep we found one..see what happens when you shop on weekdays), he said, "Oh, yeah, the rat. We've been trying to capture him for six months." He then told me they found the rat's nest somewhere and laid out a bunch of traps but he always outsmarts them." Pictures of the IKEA rat wanted! We may pay a hefty fee for pictures of said rat chewing on a Sniglar (baby's crib).
· Angel Stadium makes efforts to control rat problem [OC Register]