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August: Yes, Sales Numbers Still Suck

The slow August sales story continues to provide some attention-grabbing headlines; here are the bullet points from today's LA Times story by Annette Haddad. Most alarming: After all that love, cracks in fragile real estate agent-client relationship!
--Worst sales since 1992, the same year Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner had all that sexual tension/scarf cutting in "The Bodyguard."
--Riverside County fared worst: the median home price fell 6.1% and sales are down 46.4% compared with year earlier.
--In LA County, the median price rose 5.8% to $550,000, helped by the strength of upper end of the market.
--In Southland, 9% of the homes sold were foreclosures.
--Builders continue to drop incentives: Irvine-based Standard Pacific Corp. offered a flat-screen TV, refrigerator, washer and dryer, and window blinds to one buyer, who is holding out for a cash discount.
--Real estate agents are turning on their own: At least one agent blames delusional homeowners for "clogging up the market" with overpriced listings.
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