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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: More Bad Signs

We tried to answer your crazy hard questions this week. We sort of succeeded. You owe us a drink. Please feel free to add comments, corrections or more questions for next week. Email us at Bye.

[they misspell signs in Glendale, too. Photo via Stan]

1) Hollywood: In regards to Heritage Book Shop, no answers from you supposedly know-it-all commenters. Boooo!! We called the store to find out the what, what. We were told that yes, they closed and vacated the storefront after selling the building and getting rid of their inventory. They're now in a small office and may just do book binding. The person we spoke to was unsure what was going into the new space, and was unaware if it had been rented out yet.

2) Echo Park: Commenter spinsLPs says: "I'm guessing you're talking about the northwest corner of Glendale and Clifford. Per Navigate LA, 'Tentative Tract Map 67952; Located at 1855 N. Glendale Boulevard; Proposed 65-Townhouses and 2-Flats.'" After reading that, the first thing we thought was "oh boy, somebody is going to be bitching about traffic." And indeed, via the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council we see this summary [PDF] of the proposed project and neighborhood reaction where concerned neighbors bitched about traffic starting in May 2006. It's like clockwork.

3) Los Angeles: We're glad to see that the City of LA has found work for untreated dyslexics in its sign making factory. Misspelled signs are all over, according to commenters. We called Public Works-Street Services to find out how to fix the signs. The woman on the line laughed at the misspelled street sign dilemma. She directed us to call LADOT. We called LADOT, who directed us to call the Hollywood-Wilshire Division. The phone rang and rang and rang and we finally got voicemail. We may try again later.

4) Hollywood: Commenter semprini chimes in with info on the lot at Van Ness and Hollywood Blvd. "The vacant lot at Hollywood and Van Ness (next to that groovy purple church by the freeway) is owned by the City and is the proposed site for re-located Fire Station 84. The current substandard station is up the street on Bronson and the City's plan is to relocate the station to Hollywood Blvd and use the former site for a training facility."

Let's be friends. Send questions for next week.