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Building Spotter: Empty Neighborhood Near LAX

A reader writes in with a question, which he acknowledges is more of a un-Building Spotter question, about what may be the removal of homes near LAX. Bigger shot after the jump of the area in question.

"Whenever I am taking a return flight to LA, I always love looking out the windows. I've noticed a specific area a few times right near the airport where there seems to be a good number of empty lots just northeast of the airport. Clearly there used to be houses there. I have yet to try to drive through the little neighborhood. I have always wondered what the story is with this area. They empty lots show up in all the aerial photos so it must have been that way for quite a bit. Do you all know what the deal is?"
UPDATE: A reader believes they have the answer--and provides a link to great "Love Canal"-like photos, and background on the area, called Surfridge--in comments. Is this the exact same area our reader is wondering about? Not sure.
UPDATE: Yes, they are two totally different areas.
· Live Link: Aerial Shot [Live Link]