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Santee Village's Sleepover Party

Luring buyers with promises of floral arranging, dog secrets, and mysterious-sounding drinks called Santinis, Santee Village is throwing a real humdinger of a party this weekend to celebrate the opening of their Eckhardt and Santee buildings (buildings Textile and Cornell previously opened). If we're reading the invite correctly, you'll get a free loft if you refuse to leave the party. So bring a suitcase. Some of the schedule, cut and pasted:

-Bark Avenue- Learn the secrets to a happy urban dog
-Food by Jerry’s Mexican Grill and Soft Drink Bar
-Gourmet Cooking Demonstrations by Fri Reyes in a professionally designed model
-“California Q” by 2 Guys Grillin on the Rooftop Cabana and spa
-Urban landscape design by Gaining Ground author Michael Glassman
-Floral arranging techniques by Dolce Flower Design
-Meet the Designer – Kam Kamran from Environetics will teach about color and space? plus desserts!

-Santini Lounge- Relax in one of our professionally designed models and have a Santini on us? sponsored by Tito’s Vodka· Santee Village [Official Site]
· Sales at Santee Village [Curbed LA]